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E3 2012: Playstation Food Truck Party

One of the highlights of my E3 week was the Sony press conference. The super awesome (and super violent), God of War: Ascension, and free PlayStation Plus, just to name a few. Before the main event that evening, Sony invited some of Los Angeles’ best food trucks to give the media something to nosh on before the presser began.  Did I mention this was all on Sony’s tab? :) I tried to sample as many trucks as I could before I needed to be hauled out in a wheelbarrow … #halfjoking

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E3 2012: Swag, baby!

Every major trip I take, I bring a nice sized Eddie Bauer backpack. Said backpack comes in handy at trade events like E3 to hold swag (Stuff We All Get) that I collect along the way. I told myself at this year’s E3 to only collect good, quality swag, and I think I achieved my goal. :) 

A lot of E3 peeps were wearing these Oswald ear hats promoting Epic Mickey 2. (as opposed to the famous Mickey ears hats) from Disney Interactive. You could even get a custom name printed on the back. My daughter was very happy with her new hat. :D

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E3 2012: More than just games, it’s about connection.

It’s hard to pick one word to describe the Electronic Entertainment Expo: intimidating, loud, crowded, blaring, fun, exciting, energetic, and exhausting. For 3 days every June in Los Angeles, the billion square foot Convention Center becomes the Mecca of Video Games. Sure, there are other, more fan-friendly (and easier to get into) events such as PAX. But it’s the allure of the major (and minor) players in the interactive entertainment industry all under one roof, showcasing most of their AAA titles and hardware, which makes this annual event hard to resist. I sure know I couldn’t.

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The 8 List: My favourite songs from 1992

With my 20th high school reunion quickly approaching this summer, I’ve been thinking a lot about the year 1992. That was a big year for me; I graduated high school, got my drivers licence, and secured my first job slinging burgers at McDonald’s.

Like the late Dick Clark said, music is the soundtrack to your life. Here in no particular order, are some of my favourite songs from 1992, compiled down to 8. (like 8 Frame Dissolve, heh) I sure I could think of more, but we must stick to the parameters….

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I 8 That: Round Rock Donuts in Austin, TX

It may be a stereotype for a Canadian fella like myself to like donuts, (take off, eh?) but I’m proud to say I enjoy a delicious donut. In fact, I would consider myself a donut fanatic. For those who know me very well, I’m not shy about my love affair with the “donut that tastes like a cloud” (my words) Krispy KremeSaying that, in my eyes, there is now a new King of Donuts in the USA and they are found in a little town in Texas, just north of Austin.

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